Life gets complicated. Throughout our lives, we are faced with changes and often find ourselves in need of taking inventory of where we are and where we want to be. Major life transitions may be some of the most stressful experiences, often compounded by many interwoven aspects of our lives. During those times, it is especially helpful to have an objective, trained expert to help organize your thoughts and unravel the many conflicting ideas and emotions to facilitate your most effective decision making.

INNER QUEST COACHING can help those who are in, or planning for a life transition.  Some of these transitions include women returning to work, redefining yourself, creating your “encore” career and retirement, and other areas which require major life decision making.

What clients are saying …
“INNER QUEST COACHING with Dr. Lori Nero Ghosal has really increased my personal self-awareness about different areas of my life and has given me the ability to more effectively make decisions. I am constantly surprised by the truths in my personal and professional life that come out of each appointment and the ability that Lori has to push me towards a deeper resolution. I have learned more about my patterns of thinking, strengths and passions from my coaching experience.”
— Christina