November 2017

discover new avenues for personal development


"Coaching with Lori has been the best experience of my job search process. She was able to help me look at my skill set with a fresh perspective and empowered me to discover new avenues for personal development. Through our meetings, she was able to give me tangible exercises to determine my career goals and [...]

discover new avenues for personal development2017-11-17T01:36:58+00:00

October 2017

instrumental in career transition


"Lori was instrumental in helping me transition career paths. She helped me identify both my interests and strengths and ultimately find a position that was a good fit for both. Along the way, meeting with Lori increased my confidence and I learned to market myself more effectively. She also helped me on a personal level [...]

instrumental in career transition2017-10-23T00:17:25+00:00

expert in coaching


"Lori is a very dedicated, compassionate and excellent coach. It's clear from meeting her that she is very passionate about helping people and sincerely enjoys what she does. As a result, she is very well suited to her profession and is very committed to your success. Her background and experiences personally and professionally make her [...]

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outline my future


"Lori by far is one of the most helpful people I have come across. She has helped me outline my future and figure out what I needed to do right now so that I can achieve my milestones. She has been there to support me and has kept an eye out for any grants/competitions that [...]

outline my future2017-10-23T00:18:36+00:00

truly my passion


"Over time, I was able to see what it was that was truly my passion. At first I thought I had all the answers, but my one-on-one meetings forced me to break down my interests and use mind mapping to connect the dots."

truly my passion2017-10-23T00:20:32+00:00

knowledge just shined


Lori does have a gift with these dissertations and communicating with folks. Her skills and knowledge just shined and I appreciated having her as a resource. Thank you for all your help, I truly appreciated it. You have made me a better student.

knowledge just shined2017-10-07T15:37:56+00:00

more effectively make decisions


"INNER QUEST COACHING with Dr. Lori Nero Ghosal has really increased my personal self-awareness about different areas of my life and has given me the ability to more effectively make decisions. I am constantly surprised by the truths in my personal and professional life that come out of each appointment and the ability that Lori [...]

more effectively make decisions2017-10-23T00:15:43+00:00