November 2017



“How are you?” we ask everyone we meet. It is our introductory question to friends, colleagues, neighbors, even strangers. The answer I most often hear is “busy!” I even say it myself! With busy schedules, busy families, busy jobs, and busy lives, I hear a sense of people feeling overwhelmed. As the holidays get closer, [...]


October 2017



For the University The University is a business by people, for people, about people. How would your University benefit from emotional intelligence awareness and training? INNER QUEST COACHING works with administrators to design and deliver coaching services around social and emotional intelligence, business and career coaching to Faculty, Staff and Students. Would you like [...]


January 2017

Career Coaching


Day by day, hour-by-hour, we design our lives. We choose our work, our play and even the people we spend our time with. Hour by hour, minute by minute, we make choices - whether by consciously making decisions, or by the lack of making decisions, following wherever the flow of life and work takes [...]

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